Osteoporosis is a bone disease where the production of new bone is not keeping up with the loss of old bone. This causes the bones to be fragile and brittle which can lead to fractures and falls. Anyone can be diagnosed with osteoporosis, but it is more commonly found in women, especially postmenopausal women. Improving diet and weight bearing activities and exercise can help decrease bone loss and even strengthen the bones.

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What are the causes?

 The primary causes include:

  • Postmenopausal women
  • Low body weight
  • Poor health, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, excessive drinking, and poor diet
  • Hormone levels
  • Advanced age

What are the symptoms?

During the early stages of osteoporosis or osteopenia, it is rare to notice signs or symptoms. Some possible signs would be weak grip strength, receding gum lines, brittle nails. During the late-stage of osteoporosis, the bones will become weaker causing signs and symptoms that may include:

  • Back or neck pain
  • Decrease in height
  • Stooped posture
  • Compression fracture
  • Bones fracture more easily
  • Falls

What can I expect in PT?

Your therapist will perform a comprehensive evaluation that will determine the appropriate plan of care for your individual needs.  You are unique and therefore will require a program designed specifically for you. We will teach you the most beneficial course of exercise and once you are proficient, you will have the tools and knowledge to perform your program independently. Once a plan of care has been established, your specific treatment program may include:

  • Therapeutic exercise including weight bearing and resistance band exercises
  • Postural exercises
  • Manual techniques
  • Functional activities
  • Modalities

Why should I choose you for physical therapy?

Our therapists provide personalized, one-on-one treatment to get to the source of your problems, restore function, and help you return to a healthy lifestyle.  We believe individualized care will provide the best and quickest outcomes.  

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